17 September 2021

Why Are Peptide Skincare Products So Expensive?

What are peptides in skincare and why are they so expensive? Made up of amino acids; peptides are touted as anti-ageing miracles that do everything from removing wrinkles like Botox and boosting collagen synthesis in the skin. Before you invest in peptide serums and creams- here's everything you need to about it; including a look at the data and limitations of peptide skincare products in this doctor's review.

The viral skincare and beauty hacks from TikTok that will damage your skin. A doctor's guide to the worst advice from TikTok.

02 September 2021

5 Worst TikTok Skincare & Beauty Trends to Avoid

If you get new pimples after trying a new product, is your skin purging or having a acne breakout? Understand what is skin purging, why it happens, skincare ingredient that cause purging and how to tr...

19 August 2021

Is Your Skin Purging or Breaking Out? Acne Purging Explained

Tech neck, necklace lines, turkey bands- so many names to describe neck lines but only a few good treatments for neck wrinkles exist. Here's a guide to understanding ageing in the neck and neck r...

29 July 2021

How to Get Rid of Neck Lines and Wrinkles

Are sonic facial cleansing devices worth it? Powered by high tech sonic technology, the soft silicone bristles thoroughly cleanse the skin and undo damage from air pollution while keeping the skin bar...

02 July 2021

Sonic Facial Cleansing Brushes: Are They Worth It?

A review of chin fillers for non-surgical chin augmentation. The benefits, process and side effects of chin filler injections explained. Learn about facial proportions and how the chin affects the pro...

25 June 2021

Chin Fillers: A Review of Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Meet Nicola Kilner, the co-founder and CEO of DECIEM, the conglomerate behind cult beauty brands The Ordinary and NIOD. In this exclusive interview, she shares the inspiration and drive behind DECIEM;...

15 June 2021

Nicola Kilner, DECIEM CEO, on Disrupting Global Beauty Trends with The Ordinary and NIOD

NIOD is the luxury sister brand of The Ordinary, from DECIEM. This skincare review of NIOD's products takes you through a crash course on novel active ingredients and a doctor's review of th...

03 June 2021

NIOD Skincare Review & Ingredients Decoded

Have you experienced pilling or balling up of your sunscreen or skincare products? When the product is not absorbed, it forms white flakes or pills. Learn about why this happens and how you can preven...

18 May 2021

How to Prevent Your Sunscreen from Pilling

Sharing my best and worst sunscreens in this review. From affordable cult favourites to luxury brands; find out my light weight and quick dry recommendations. For daily use indoors to sweat resistant ...

04 May 2021

Sunscreen Reviews 2021: the Best and the Worst in Singapore


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