19 August 2019

The Ordinary Skincare Review & Ingredients Decoded

Does cult beauty brand, The Ordinary, live up to its expectations of high quality skincare products at affordable prices? Ahead of its arrival in Singapore, I'll be sharing my hits and misses from The Ordinary's line up, decode their ingredients and share how you can incorporate some of these products in your daily routine based on your skin type.

No one likes excess baggage especially when it comes to eye bags. The causes, myths and treatments of eye bags discussed in this review; from why eye bags sometimes occur in younger patients; whether ...

30 July 2019

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Without Surgery: Under Eye/ Tear Trough Fillers

Nose filler is a popular non-surgical nose job that corrects low, flat and deformed nose bridges and nose tips. The basics of nose fillers and the side effects explained in this review on nose fillers...

18 July 2019

5 Things You Need to Know About Nose Fillers

IV skin whitening drips are immensely popular in Asia. Do skin whitening drips and bleaching creams work? Why are skin lightening treatments controversial? All about the results and safety of IV white...

22 June 2019

Skin Bleaching and Whitening Drips

What causes pigmentation and how can dark spots be lightened with skincare? This guide will explain the skin care remedies that target hyperpigmentation; a guide on how to layer your products for best...

22 June 2019

How to Lighten Pigmentation and Dark Spots with Skin Care

Mewing is an unusual health trend that claims to slim the jawline and sharpen the face without Botox or surgery. What is mewing and can you really achieve a sharper face with simple jawline exercises?

19 May 2019

What Is Mewing?

Can you prevent wrinkles? With preventative Botox you now can. By using baby doses of Botox in precise parts of your face, you can now treat aging at the first sign of wrinkles and even before they ap...

19 May 2019

Preventative Botox and Baby Botox in Your 20’s Is Real

With the popularity of Rejuran Healer, salmon DNA and PDRN is the next big thing in skincare. Needleless forms of Rejuran Healer and salmon PDRN therapies are also being offered in beauty spas. These ...

19 May 2019

Salmon DNA in Skincare and Needleless Rejuran Healer Explained

Do eye creams work? Discussing what eye creams really are; the unique differences about the skin around the eye and ingredients you should include in your eye cream in this post. Also, I'll be di...

10 May 2019

Do Eye Creams Work?

Sharing my sunscreen reviews in this post- find out which are my favourites and the ones I'd avoid because they are unsafe or have a horrible finish. I'll also teach you how to choose a suns...

22 April 2019

Sunscreen Reviews: The Best, Worst and Unsafe Sunscreens I've Tried


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