12 May 2022

Does Tea Tree Oil Cure Acne?

Can tea tree oil cure acne? Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia; is often used to treat pimples, fungal infections and dandruff. The benefits, uses, side effects and more about tea tree oil in this review.

What is slugging your face, the latest viral Tiktok trend? Slugging your skin means applying vaseline (or any petroleum jelly rich skincare) on your skin to achieve moisturised and plump skin. The pre...

08 April 2022

Slugging Your Face: The Latest Tiktok Trend Explained

Can wearing makeup cause acne? Should you be wearing makeup if you have acne? A guide to acne cosmetica and how makeup interacts with pimples and acne in this review. Tips on how to reduce acne if you...

01 April 2022

Is Makeup Causing Your Acne? Acne Cosmetica Explained

Nucleofill, one of the newest treatments for collagen biostimulation in the skin, is available in Singapore.

01 April 2022

Nucleofill for Collagen Biostimulation

If you've had dermal fillers injected but didn't like the results; HA-based facial fillers can be dissolved and removed with hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase or Hyalase is an enzyme that breaks ...

12 March 2022

How to Dissolve & Remove Fillers with Hyaluronidase

The science of skincare: acids & chemical exfoliation explained. Everything you need to know to get brighter, smoother and more even toned skin in this guide. From the difference between AHAs vs B...

04 March 2022

A Complete Guide to Acids in Skincare & Chemical Exfoliation

It's been more than 30 years since Botox received US FDA approval for treatment of wrinkles. Since then, what do we know about getting repeated botulinum toxin injections when the effects wear of...

18 February 2022

What are the effects of long term Botox injections?

How are NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrency changing the beauty industry? A guide to understanding how the metaverse and IoT are shaping beauty trends and practices for 2022 and beyond.

04 February 2022

NFTs, Blockchain & Cryptocosmetics: Beauty in the Metaverse

Is Burberry Beauty, the luxury makeup brand worth the splurge? My first makeup review on the blog features the British cosmetic's brands bestsellers and iconic collections. Find out whether Burbe...

17 January 2022

Burberry Beauty Makeup Review: Worth the Splurge?

What is the skin barrier and why does it matter? A doctor's guide to repairing your skin for healthier skin and protecting against dryness and ageing. If you're a skincare aficionado, an opt...

04 January 2022

How to Repair Your Skin Barrier


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