11 February 2024

New Zealand Bans "Forever Chemicals" / PFAS in Cosmetics

New Zealand has banned "forever chemicals" or PFAS in cosmetics due to health and environmental concerns. PFAS are chemicals that are resilient to breakdown; and can accumulate in the environment. These chemicals have been linked to adverse health outcomes. Here's a review of PFAS and its effects on human health and the implications and timeline of NZ's ban of cosmetics with PFAS.

A new ingredient in the field of dermatology and aesthetics that is fast becoming a hot topic: Exosome. Already trending in searches, exosomes are a buzzword that’s predicted to be big in 2024 and b...

29 January 2024

Exosome Skin Treatments: the Buzzword in Dermatology

Ectoin (also ectoine) is predicted to be 2024's hottest skincare ingredient. Ectoin is an extremolyte that protects organisms from extreme conditions. In the skin, ectoin can strengthen the skin...

22 January 2024

Ectoin Skincare: 2024's hottest ingredient & why everyone's talking about it

A doctor's predictions for trends that will dominate the medical aesthetics industry in 2024; with an insight into new & improved treatments and shifting beauty standards. All you need to kno...

09 January 2024

2024 Aesthetic Trends: The New Treatments, Products and Perspectives of Beauty

What will be the biggest skincare and beauty trends for 2024? Take a leaf out of K-beauty's playbook; for a prediction of how 2024's cosmetics products will look like. The good news is, we c...

26 December 2023

K-beauty Skincare Trends for 2024

Meet skincare’s newest influencers: Generation Alpha. Baby Beauty and tween skincare influencers are shaping the beauty industry with stores like Sephora and cosmetics brands like e.l.f Cosmetics an...

17 December 2023

Baby Beauty Influencers & Gen Alpha Skincare

5 scandals and controversies in the beauty industry: from skincare companies sneaking in toxic ingredients, stealing secrets; to cosmetic companies faking their trials and tests results, I've got...

03 December 2023

5 Beauty Industry Scandals & Controversies

Exclusive Japanese skincare and makeup brands to know in 2024 for your next holiday! While some Japanese cosmetics brands like Shiseido and Kose have a global brands, niche skincare and makeup brands ...

22 November 2023

5 Exclusive Japanese Skincare Brands to Know 2024

Calf slimming with Botox is gaining popularity in Asia for slimmer legs without surgery. Why is this treatment particularly popular in Asia? Explaining the science and safety of calf reduction with bo...

12 November 2023

Calf Slimming/ Reduction with Botox

Snail mucin is a trending skincare ingredient obtained from snails. It contains a number of proteins, vitamins and glycolic acid for a number of skincare benefits. Learn more about this popular Korean...

14 October 2023

Snail Mucin Skincare Explained + Review of COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence


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