11 May 2024

New Injectables from Europe: Profhilo Structura

Back from Milan last month to share with you new injectable treatments for anti-aging and younger looking skin. Get first dibs on Profhilo Structura and new techniques to rejuvenate signs of aging in the upper face before it reaches Singapore- the latest news and loads of pictures in this blogpost!

Forecast the future of technology and beauty as I get an insider's look at innovations and developments from the L'oreal Groupe. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are transformin...

03 May 2024

Forecasting the Future of Beauty Tech with L'oreal Groupe

Does your skin feel more congested, greasy and irritated lately? The high temperatures, humidity and UV index in Singapore could be contributing to your skin woes. Here's the science on 5 common ...

19 April 2024

How Extreme Heat and Humidity Affect Your Skin

Sunscreen reviews for 2024 to make coping with Singapore's high UV index easier! Popular, viral sunscreens get their ingredient lists decoded and tested by me to help you choose sunscreens for yo...

05 April 2024

Sunscreen Reviews 2024- the Good & Bad Singapore

A guide for skincare and makeup shopping in Bangkok, Thailand with my reviews and recommendations for the must visit shops in the city. Experience the diverse range of homegrown Thai skincare and mak...

20 March 2024

Bangkok, Thailand: 5 Must Visit Skincare & Makeup Shops

Is micro-spicule skincare truly microneedling in a bottle? Spicules are the exoskeletons of marine sponges; and in skincare they improve skincare uptake and exfoliate the skin. All the science about b...

06 March 2024

Micro-Spicule Skincare: Microneedling in a Bottle?

Move over Cica and snail mucin. The trending Korean skincare ingredients to know right now are heartleaf, mugwort and rice water. Explaining the science and benefits of popular K-beauty ingredients in...

24 February 2024

An Expert's Guide to Trending Korean Skincare Ingredients

New Zealand has banned "forever chemicals" or PFAS in cosmetics due to health and environmental concerns. PFAS are chemicals that are resilient to breakdown; and can accumulate in the enviro...

11 February 2024

New Zealand Bans "Forever Chemicals" / PFAS in Cosmetics

A new ingredient in the field of dermatology and aesthetics that is fast becoming a hot topic: Exosome. Already trending in searches, exosomes are a buzzword that’s predicted to be big in 2024 and b...

29 January 2024

Exosome Skin Treatments: the Buzzword in Dermatology

Ectoin (also ectoine) is predicted to be 2024's hottest skincare ingredient. Ectoin is an extremolyte that protects organisms from extreme conditions. In the skin, ectoin can strengthen the skin...

22 January 2024

Ectoin Skincare: 2024's hottest ingredient & why everyone's talking about it


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