Skinboosters/水光针: All You Need to Know About It

22 June 2022

Skinboosters/ 水光针 Review: All You Need to Know About It


One of the trends to take Asia by storm is the use of Skinboosters to achieve dewy, radiant and luminous skin. Better known in Asia as “水光针” (Mandarin) and “Mulguang” (Korean), Skinboosters are a type of dermal filler treatment using Hyaluronic acid fillers. Tiny, microinjections of HA are placed under the skin; more specifically in the dermis layer of the skin, to improve skin hydration, glow and radiance. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin and is important in maintaining skin hydration and the ability of the skin to repair itself.


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This is what a vial of Skinbooster looks like.

HA fillers are used to correct deep wrinkles and loss of facial volume. As we age, the concentrations of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin decrease. This accounts for the thinner skin and loss of skin hydration that occurs in aged skin, which causes wrinkles and skin laxity.

HA fillers correct wrinkles and loss of facial volume by two mechanisms – (1) volumisation (i.e. filling) – HA draws water molecules into these tissues, increasing tissue volume, skin turgor and lubricates tissue and (2) stimulation of collagen formation by cross-linked HA and formation of elastin.  HA fillers have been found to improve the structural integrity and the appearance of aging skin when injected under the skin.


The first HA filler designed specifically for “skin boosting” properties was Restylane Vital. (note: Restylane Vital Light has a lower concentration of HA. It can also be used in more delicate areas such as the neck)

HA fillers for Skinboosters improve skin texture and appearance by the following ways:

(1) Skin hydration-by injecting HA fillers into the skin, the HA molecules can draw water molecules up to 200x its weight into the dermis, resulting in improved skin hydration, roughness and fine wrinkles. When injected into acne scars, Skinboosters can also “lift” depressed acne scars.

(2) Stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin.

(3) Restore dermal scaffolding support in a more homogenous and diffused pattern (more than localised injections for wrinkles and volume correction).

This concept of using HA fillers for skin enhancement without targeting wrinkles was first introduced in 2008. Multiple tiny doses of HA filler (Restylane Vital) into the dermis layer of the skin of patients in a study monthly for 3 sessions. In the study, skin elasticity and skin roughness of the subjects improved with the greatest improvement was seen 24 weeks after the last injection.

Subsequent studies have also lent support to the above findings and the finding that monthly serial injections are essential for sufficient stimulation of the skin for evident improvement in skin quality. Significant improvement in skin brightness, hydration, elasticity and texture were reported also reported in these studies. These studies also showed correction of fine wrinkles.


1. Brighter and radiant skin

2. Improved skin hydration

3. Smoother skin

4. Improved fine wrinkles

5. Improvement in acne scars

Skinboosters can be injected into the skin of the face, neck, chest and hands to achieve the above results.


Numbing cream is first applied to the area(s) that the Skinbooster will be performed for 15 mins.

Once the skin is numbed, multiple tiny intradermal injections of Restylane Skinbooster are placed in the skin approximately 1cm apart. About 0.02-0.03mls is injected each time. This can performed using an machine injector or manually using the Restylane Vital syringe. One of the most common concerns of Skinboosters treatment is the redness, swelling and bruising (“downtime”).


LED therapy immediately after the Skinboosters have been injected to reduce redness and swelling. This shortens the recovery time.




Andrea (@thebokeeffect on Instagram) shares her Skinbooster experience with me at La Clinic. You can read Andrea’s blog post (here) to understand her experience as a patient.

Lee Qiao Er (@leeqiaoer) also shares her personalised Skinbooster cocktail treatment with me here.

Ruth (@pinkchampagne13) also shares her Skinbooster experience with me at La Clinic here.

Improvement in skin brightness, hydration, texture and fine wrinkles can be seen after 1 session. For optimal results, serial monthly injections for 3 months is advised. Results can last for 6 months. Thereafter, you can choose to do a maintenance every 6 months.


My patients Andrea (here and here) and Ruth (here) have kindly shared their experience on social media and you can see their pictures and read what they have to say.


Most patients are suitable for this procedure, unless you are allergic to the ingredients in the filler. If you feel that your skin feels dry, dull and wrinkled, I would recommend you to try Skinboosters. Skinboosters can also treat depressed acne scars.




Immediately after Skinbooster injections; mild redness and very fine needle marks that are hardly visible.

Commonly after Skinboosters, patients may experience temporary redness and fine needle marks for up to a week. Compared to fillers placed subdermally (e.g. nose fillers), there is very little risk of blood vessel occlusion. Other rare complications are hematoma formation (bruising),swelling, skin infection and allergy.

Avoid  alcohol and medications that thin the blood should be avoided before and after Skinbooster treatment.


More recently, Skinboosters is combined with vitamins, Glutathione, Botulinum toxin (Botox) and Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) in a “skin cocktail”. This Skinbooster cocktails gives additional benefits to the skin. I usually individualise this cocktail for patients who request for a boost to their Skinboosters.

What are the benefits of this cocktail?

1) Vitamins-antioxidant protection and enhanced cell regeneration

2) Glutathione- whitening and antioxidant protection

3) Botox-shrink pores, reduce skin oil and sweat production and reduce fine lines for even smoother skin

4) Stem cells/growth factors

5) Rejuran-Salmon DNA enhances skin healing and rejuvenation for improved skin elasticity, collagen synthesis, hydration, tone, texture and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Read my detailed post on Rejuran Healer here.

An exciting development in the field of Skinbooster is the introduction of Teosyal Redensity I. Teosyal Redensity I is a Skinbooster with extra with amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamin B6 for additional skin hydration, radiance and skin revitalisation. The great thing about Teosyal Redensity is that it combines all the goodness of Skinbooster and antioxidants for the added lightening, glows and radiance that surely everyone can benefit from.


An improved form of Skinboosters is Rejuran HB. Rejuran HB combines the benefits of Salmon DNA from Rejuran Healer with hyaluronic acid from Skinboosters.


Applying Hyaluronic acid to the skin either through HA-based skincare or makeup can help with moisturising the skin. However, the skin’s absorption of this HA into the dermis for deep skin hydration and collagen synthesis to see a improvement in skin hydration, brightness, radiance, acne scars and texture is negligible.


Rejuran Healer, better known as salmon DNA (more precisely, polynucleotides or PN) injections is another alternative to Skinboosters. Rejuran Healer also contains a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid and can help with skin hydration and glow too. You can learn more about the differences between these two treatments in this blogpost, Rejuran Healer vs Skinboosters.


Update February 2020:


You may have heard of Profhilo, the latest anti-aging and skin hydrating treatment to make its way to Singapore from Italy. Here’s a quick review on the differences between Profhilo vs Skinboosters.



First things first, what is Profhilo?


Profhilo is an anti-aging injectable that hydrates the skin and improves skin firmness and elasticity. Profhilo contains a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and has been found to bioremodel the skin. The unique molecular structure of Profhilo stimulates the formation of 4 types of collagen, elastin and proliferate adipocytes (fat) stem cells causes bioremodelling of the skin while hydrating skin from within.


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Profhilo vs Skinboosters: What are the differences?


Both Profhilo and Skinboosters contain hyaluronic acid and hydrate the skin. Profhilo has the additional advantage of bioremodelling the skin i.e. form 4 types of collagen and elastin; and proliferate adipocytes (fat) stem cells. Profhilo also acts on different layers of the skin- the epidermis, dermis and superficial fat layer to regenerate the skin. Skinbooster acts on a single depth.


Does this mean Profhilo gives better results than Skinboosters?

Not really, because Profhilo and Skinboosters have different strengths. The recommended treatment regime and cost of Profhilo and Skinboosters are also different.


Profhilo is most suitable for patients who want to treat skin dryness, mild skin laxity/ sagging and early signs of aging like fine wrinkles. In my opinion, Skinboosters are best for patients who want to hydrate dry skin and achieve brighter and glowy skin and smaller pores.


Although the recommended treatment intervals and the number of injection points are less for Profhilo vs Skinboosters, Skinboosters seems to last longer than Profhilo. The cost of Profhilo vs Skinboosters is also different. With the total number of sessions taken into account, the cost of Profhilo is still more than Skinboosters.


If you would like to learn about the differences between Skinboosters vs Profhilo vs Rejuran, please read this blogpost Profhilo vs Rejuran vs Skinboosters: Injectable Moisturisers Explained. You can also speak to your aesthetic doctor to understand whether Profhilo vs Skinbooster suits you best.





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