Salmon DNA in Skincare and Needleless Rejuran Healer Explained

22 June 2022

Salmon DNA Skincare and Needleless Rejuran Healer



Move over snail slime and bee venom. There’s another skincare ingredient that looks set to be the next big thing: salmon DNA. It is no surprise that salmon DNA has made its way into the world of luxury skincare. Afterall, salmon DNA fragments called polynucleotides (PN) and polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) are the star ingredients of a very popular anti-aging skin treatment called Rejuran Healer.


These salmon DNA fragments, PDRN and PN, have been found to improve blood circulation; enhance collagen formation and reduce inflammation in the skin when injected into the skin1,2. These lead to skin healing and improvements in skin texture, hydration and wrinkles3. Because of all these benefits, Rejuran Healer is used to rejuvenate skin and treat depressed acne scars, dry skin and pores.


Before we move on further to understanding how skincare with salmon DNA works, first we have to understand some key terms and the basics about DNA and dermatology. Here’s a quick crash course, but for more details, please read Rejuran Healer: What You Should Know Before Getting It.


Salmon DNA, PDRN, PN and Rejuran Healer In a Nutshell


Salmon PDRN has to reach the fibroblasts in the dermis of the skin.


In order for salmon DNA/ PDRN/ PN/ Rejuran Healer to be effective, the DNA fragments i.e. PDRN and PN have to be introduced into the dermis of the skin. This is essential because the ‘construction worker’ cells that build collagen (fibroblasts) are located in the dermis.


Rejuran Healer is a medical treatment where salmon PDRN and PN are injected directly into the dermis of the skin. This allows the PDRN and PN to bypass the top layer of the skin which acts as a barrier against large particles like PDRN and PN. While Rejuran Healer seems like the most effective and direct way to introduce PDRN and PN into the dermis there are two downsides of intradermal injections- the recovery time and the discomfort that some patients might experience.


The popularity of Rejuran Healer injections has led to more creative methods of introducing salmon DNA and PDRN/ PN to the skin without injections- from skincare containing salmon DNA to non-injectable or needleless forms of Rejuran Healer treatments. With the benefits of avoiding intradermal injections, these non-invasive forms of PDRN/ Rejuran Healer therapy seem attractive. Let’s take a close look at the science of skincare containing salmon DNA and needleless PDRN treatments.


Skincare containing salmon DNA



Face masks that I received from the Korean manufacturers of Rejuran Healer to try. The star ingredient is of course salmon PDRN.


The popularity of Rejuran Healer has also spun off a skincare range from the manufacturers themselves. Not to be outdone, some luxury skincare brands jumping on the bandwagon of including salmon DNA fragments into their creams.


Is applying Rejuran Healer or Salmon DNA fragments to the skin effective?

Maybe. We don’t know for certain yet.


The studies that have shown PDRN/ PN to be effective were based on injections of PDRN/ PN into the dermis, the way Rejuran Healer is performed. The results of applying PDRN or Rejuran Healer to intact human skin are not known as there are no such studies available yet.


One study conducted in Korea showed that both topically applied and injected salmon PDRN to be effective in healing and repair in mice which had their skins removed4. However, the results of injected salmon PDRN were superior to topically salmon PDRN4. Whether the results from this study on mice wounds can be applied to intact human skin is not certain.


What about applying salmon DNA or PDRN to the skin after lasers?


The outer layer of the skin forms a protective barrier against large particles (e.g DNA) from reaching the dermis. One way to increase the permeability of the skin is with treatments that attenuate the skin barrier. The increased permeability of the skin facilitates uptake of these DNA particles5 .


Fractional CO2 laser creates tiny channels in the dermis.


An example of a treatment that increases the permeability of the skin is laser4. Fractional CO2 laser creates microchannels of controlled injury to the skin to treat depressed acne scars and pores. These microchannels disrupt the skin barrier and can allow the uptake of particles like DNA fragments6. Applying PDRN to the skin after fractional CO2 laser may also be beneficial for wound healing7.


Rejuran Healer and salmon DNA in skincare


Shangpree’s Marine Jewel Capsule reportedly contains salmon DNA fragments.


Luxury skincare brands that have joined in the salmon DNA buzz include Argentum and Shangpree. Both brands not available in Singapore yet, but you can buy them online. Their products are expensive IMO and the skincare range from the manufacturers of Rejuran Healer seems like a more economical option. Salmon DNA or PDRN seems to be safe for use- so far there has been no reports of adverse reactions with topical use. So my conclusion on salmon DNA/ PDRN or Rejuran Healer skincare is: no harm using it but you probably are not going to experience the same benefits as you would with Rejuran Healer injections.


Until we have more certainty about the effectiveness of salmon DNA or PDRN in skincare, I am more inclined to invest in Rejuran Healer injections or salmon sashimi.


How I’d rather invest in salmon.


Salmon DNA as a sunscreen could be a promising development in light of a recent finding. One study showed that salmon DNA could block out some UVA and UVB rays8! However, more work is needed to translate these findings into commercial use. Until then, my advice is stick to a broad spectrum sunscreen for best protection.


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Moving on next to needleless and non-injectable forms of Rejuran Healer/ Salmon PDRN therapy!


What is Needleless Rejuran Healer?


Needleless Rejuran Healer is a term referring to non-injectable forms of Rejuran Healer/ PDRN.


Perhaps the most common form of needleless Rejuran Healer treatment is with high pressure air jet machines. This technology is called jet volumetric remodelling. Jet volumetric remodelling (JVR) allows the delivery of particles like hyaluronic acid and PDRN/ PN into dermis of the skin without needles.


Examples of JVR devices are Enerjet and Airjet. Enerjet is the more commonly used JVR device in Singapore. JVR can also be used to treat depressed acne scars and stretch marks.


How does needless Rejuran with Enerjet work?


The jet forces particles (e.g. PDRN)  into the deeper layers of the skin and cause trauma to the dermis and spread of the particle. Picture credit: Enerjet


The particles are spread under the skin over a large area. Picture credit: Enerjet.


The needless system of Enerjet forces Rejuran Healer into the dermis of the skin using high pressure air. The PDRN are then spread sideways in the dermis to activate the fibroblasts and cells in the skin. This then kickstarts the process of angiogenesis and collagen formation to repair the skin.


Is needleless Rejuran Healer effective?

Probably. There is no scientific data that looks at the needleless delivery of Rejuran Healer. So far, most of the studies are based on intradermal injections of PDRN/ PN.


Another point to note is that the spread of the PDRN/ PN is less precisely controlled than with direct injections. In other words, the PDRN/ PN may not be delivered into the target depth of the skin.


Needleless Rejuran Healer vs intradermal injections.

Beauty spas that offer needleless Rejuran Healer using JVR claim that this is a painless and effective option that does not cause any downtime. If we look at the science of Enerjet and science of JVR, these claims do not measure up. Let’s see why:


1. Pneumatic needleless delivery of Rejuran Healer is not entirely pain free. Numbing cream still needs to be applied.

2. Needleless Rejuran Healer also has downtime. There is still redness, swelling and bumps on the skin IF the salmon PDRN has been correctly delivered to the dermis of the skin. The recovery time may be shorter with needleless Rejuran Healer because the epidermis is bypassed.

3. JVR causes more damage to the dermis than by direct intradermal injections of Rejuran Healer. The pneumatic pressure of Enerjet causes microtrauma in the dermis as it forces the PDRN into the dermis. For Enerjet, the jet disperses into the target zone to cover 100 times the area of a single 32G needle entry point. This shears the skin and causes more scar tissue to form.

4. Wastage of PDRN. Product wastage with needleless JVR is a known problem.


Conclusion on needleless Rejuran Healer

Based on these reasons, you can see why doctors in Singapore prefer to inject Rejuran Healer compared to needleless treatments. An online search will unravel that it is the beauty spas that offer these needleless Rejuran treatments, not clinics.


Needleless Rejuran Healer is probably effective but with a number of compromises. This makes needleless Rejuran Healer a possible option for patients who desire the benefits of Rejuran Healer but are unable to afford the downtime. I would personally stick to conventional Rejuran Healer with injections because the results are still best with intradermal injections.


That said, the recovery time for Rejuran Healer injections are kept to a minimum in my practice in Singapore. Besides medications to reduce bruising and swelling, a recovery mask and light therapy are initiated immediately. This recovery protocol has greatly reduced the downtime for my patients. My post Rejuran Healer: All You Need to Know will show the steps.


Cost is another relevant point to consider. The delivery systems of JVR for needleless Rejuran Healer are also less precise and incur higher product wastage of PDRN/ PN. Direct injections with PDRN incur almost zero wastage and this is also another reason why I would say Rejuran Healer injections are a better option than needleless delivery.


Conclusion on non-injectable Rejuran Healer and salmon DNA in skincare


For Rejuran Healer/ salmon DNA therapy to be effective, the PDRN/ PNs have to be delivered into the dermis. This makes skincare containing salmon DNA doubtful, unless the salmon DNA/ PDRN can reach the dermis of the skin. So, if you are considering using salmon DNA skincare on intact skin, it may not be worth your investment. A better option to consider skincare with proven active ingredients like vitamin C and retinoids.


Needleless delivery systems like Enerjet seem like an option However, the disadvantages are: imprecise delivery of PDRN, additional microtrauma to the dermis and product wastage with needleless Rejuran Healer treatment. There is also downtime and some discomfort with needleless treatment with needleless Rejuran Healer. As I have already explained there are ways that the recovery time and discomfort with Rejuran Healer injections can be minimised. If you also choose a doctor that is experienced with such injections, you can also have you the bruising and discomfort reduced.


So there you go, salmon DNA in skincare and non-invasive/ non injectable forms of Rejuran Healer explained and demystified. Hope you found this review educational!

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