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Forecasting the Future of Beauty Tech with L’oreal Groupe

03 May 2024


Innovations in beauty tech for 2025 and beyond. 


Mention “beauty tech” and what comes to your mind? Is it a handheld lifting wand that can combat sagging in your skin? Or an LED mask that rejuvenates your skin while you rest? Innovations like these have transformed the beauty industry by bridging the gap between in-clinic technologies and home use. But there’s more to beauty tech than energy devices getting smaller or repetitive. Beauty tech’s applications are about to get smarter, more personalised and inclusive. I previously shared my predictions and thoughts on the future of beauty tech in How is Technology Disrupting the Beauty Industry? Serendipitously, I was invited by the L’oreal Groupe to glimpse into their upcoming beauty tech devices at the L’oreal Corporate Showcase 2024 in Singapore. Here are the highlights of what’s coming very soon to you!


 Customise your preferred shape of lipstick in minutes with YSL’s Rogue Sur Mesure.


 1. Customised lipstick colour YSL Rouge Sur Mesure 

Fancy customising your own lipstick colour for every single makeup look? Now you can with Yves Saint Laurent (YS)’s newly launched Rogue Sur Mesure. This custom lipstick creator allows you to choose and create your own lipstick in shades from YSL’s Velvet Cream Matte Finish lipstick range. Unlike current renditions of customised cosmetic products that require you to visit the beauty brand’s store to customise an entire product, YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure is a beauty tech device that customises the lipstick for single applications. If you find this familiar, that’s because the YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure uses the L’oreal Perso technology that I mentioned in this 2022 blogpost.


To customise your own lipstick, the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure smartphone app analyses your selfie to recommend a shade. You get to try it on virtually before deciding; and then the device mixes and dispenses within minutes. I tried the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure at the L’oreal Corporate Showcase, and agreed that the shade chosen by the app matched my skin! It was fun using this, and if you want a diverse range of lipstick colours without having to buy them all, this device could be a solution. For now, the shade created from YSL Rouge Sur Mesure are in matte finish, glossy finishes aren’t available currently. You can also try out the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure to find out your recommended shade at YSL boutiques, even if you choose not to purchase this beauty tech device.


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2.  Acne diagnosis with La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Spot Scan

Developed with dermatologists and driven by AI, La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Spot Scan is an app that offers real time diagnoses, and skincare advice for users who have acne or acne prone skin. I’ve talked about this app back in 2022; and it’s already available in the UK. In 2024, the La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Spot Scan will be launched in Singapore and Malaysia.


La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Spot Scan does not replace medical advice from doctors; but I believe it offers a role for supportive skincare advice for users who don’t have medical access. I asked the brand’s reps about the accuracy of the La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Spot Scan on Asian patients; as I presume that the image library would be dominated by Westerners. They shared that as more Asian users adopt the Effaclar Spot Scan; the algorithm’s accuracy will improve.


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3. Inclusive access for users with limited mobility 

The standout from L’oreal Groupe’s Corporate Showcase 2024 for me was the Lancôme Hapta for its inclusiveness towards users with limited mobility. Lancôme‘s Hapta, is the world’s first precise makeup applicator. Using motion stabilising technology to cancel out tremors for precise application of lipsticks, Lancôme‘s Hapta assists users with mobility limitations in applying their cosmetics.


Applying makeup requires dexterity and fine motor skills, and many of us take this act for granted. For a minority, the everyday act of applying cosmetics can be a challenge if their motor skills are affected. I found it heartening to see beauty tech innovations taking a step towards improving the quality of lives of a neglected group of users. If you want an example of inclusive beauty, Lancôme‘s Hapta is a good example. cancer!


 L’oreal Water Saver technolgoy.

4. Sustainability

A theme that was consistent at the beauty tech showcase was sustainability. At L’oreal Groupe’s Corporate Showcase 2024, home and salon devices that could reduce our consumption of vital natural resources were unveiled.


The L’Oréal Professional Water-Saver showerhead is said to savage up to 69% of water flow compared to an ordinary salon’s backbar showerhead. In collaboration with Swiss start-up Gjosato, the Water Saver was developed with a micronization technology that divides the flow of water to create 10 times smaller droplets. The water droplets are then accelerated for faster and more effective rinsing. According to L’oreal Groupe, the rinsing result is equal to standard backbar showerheads. The L’Oréal Professional Water-Saver showerhead is expected to be launched first at salons; and a version for home use to be launched at a later date.


L’Oréal’s AirLight Pro hairdryer which uses infrared energy to dry hair


Making self care more efficient and environmentally friendly is the AirLight Pro. This new hair drying tool was also unveiled at the L’oreal Groupe’s Corporate Showcase 2024 amidst a shroud of secrecy- no photos or videos of the product were allowed! The AirLight Pro uses a mix of infrared-light technology and wind to dry water on the hair surface, while retaining moisture within hair strands. The AirLight Pro was tested on more than 500 people across the United States and Europe and on four different hair types; and found to dry hair faster with 31% less energy consumption; and leaving hair “ visually smoother and hydrated”. The AirLight Pro is slated for launch to salons; before reaching consumers.



5. Fireside chat 

Another highlight of L’oreal Groupe’s Corporate Showcase 2024 was the fireside chat with Mr Vismay Sharma, President of L’Oréal South Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa (SAPMENA) and Tomas Hruska, Managing Director of L’Oréal Singapore. Moderated by Rosalyn Lee (aka Rozz), the pair reinforced the group’s commitment towards improving environmental sustainability and engaging users. Sharma and Hruska also shared their take on Singapore’s contributions towards the Asian beauty tech industry; and their insights on the global beauty landscape.



The L’oreal Groupe Corporate Showcase 2024 in Singapore was a wonderful opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective in the field of beauty tech. The future of the beauty industry lies in elevating user experiences, customisation while improving environmental sustainability and inclusivity. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and improved technology will continue to transform the beauty industry. With L’oreal Groupe having a heart for the environment and minority users, I am optimistic that the group will continue to make a positive impact on the beauty ecosystem and the world.



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