19 May 2019

Salmon DNA in Skincare and Needleless Rejuran Healer Explained

With the popularity of Rejuran Healer, salmon DNA and PDRN is the next big thing in skincare. Needleless forms of Rejuran Healer and salmon PDRN therapies are also being offered in beauty spas. These non-injectable forms of salmon PDRN/ Rejuran Healer may offer less downtime, but results are less ideal than with Rejuran Healer injections.

Do eye creams work? Discussing what eye creams really are; the unique differences about the skin around the eye and ingredients you should include in your eye cream in this post. Also, I'll be di...

10 May 2019

Do Eye Creams Work?

Sharing my sunscreen reviews in this post- find out which are my favourites and the ones I'd avoid because they are unsafe or have a horrible finish. I'll also teach you how to choose a suns...

22 April 2019

Sunscreen Reviews: The Best, Worst and Unsafe Sunscreens I've Tried

What do face massages, lip plumpers and jade rollers have in common? All the non-Botox alternatives come together in this post as I share with you about what works and which ones do not if you're...

07 April 2019

NoTox: Non-invasive Botox Alternatives- Which Ones Work and Which Ones Don’t?

Is Botox safe? Can Botox injections lead to death? Discussing these concerns and looking at some data in this blogpost that examines the of the issues and controversies surrounding Botox; in light of ...

23 March 2019

Is Botox Deadly? 5 Things You Need to Know About Botox Safety

This post is for my mummy readers- does your child need sunscreen? The answer is a yes and no at the same time; depending on how old your child is. This post is all about what you need to understand a...

15 March 2019

Sunscreen Beyond the Basics Part III: Do Children Need Sunscreen?

Deep dive into some of the safety issues of sunscreens with me as I discuss some of the unsafe sunscreen filters that you might encounter in your sunscreens and delve into whether sunscreens cause hor...

17 February 2019

Sunscreen Beyond the Basics Part II: Sunscreen Safety and What You Should Avoid

Do oral sunscreens and sunscreens that claim to filter out blue light work? All these questions and controversies in this blogpost. This post on sunscreens aims to take your understanding of sunscreen...

07 January 2019

Sunscreen Beyond the Basics: Controversies, Trends and FAQs about sunscreens

Chemical peels are one of the oldest yet most misunderstood dermatological treatments around. Besides being used to treat acne and pigmentation, chemical peels are a safe and painless way to renew you...

23 December 2018

The Truth About Chemical Peels

Niacinamide or vitamin B3, is another antioxidant that probably doesn't get enough appreciation for all the benefits it brings to the skin- brightening, sebum control, improved skin barrier and s...

27 November 2018

Niacinamide: A Versatile Skincare Ingredient Your Skin Will Thank You For


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