Rejuran Healer: What You Should Know Before Getting It

08 August 2018

Hot on the heels of Skinboosters and cocktail skin filler treatments to improve skin texture and elasticity, comes Rejuran Healer, a skin filler containing Salmon DNA that promises to reverse signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin. Is this truly the elixir of youth? Let’s take a critical look at the anti-aging promises of Rejuran Healer and compare this against the other anti-aging treatments that are conventional and commonly requested for.

What is Rejuran Healer?

Originating from South Korea, Rejuran Healer is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that reverses signs of aging (e.g. fine lines) and repairs damaged skin1. Think of Rejuran Healer as the anti-aging equivalent of Skinboosters, the much-feted treatment for hydrated skin and better skin texture but containing polynucleotides (PN), a biological molecule present in all living things. Polynucleotides are essentially molecules consisting of multiple nucleotides (hence the name ‘poly’ and ‘nucleotides’). If the term ‘nucleotides’ rings a bell- then Eureka! That’s right- nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA.

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The key concept behind Rejuran Healer is-healing and protection. Where current aesthetic and anti-aging treatments are centered around treating problems (e.g. Botox to erase wrinkles, face threadlifts to lift saggy skin and jawlines), Rejuran Healer represents a paradigm shift and a very exciting concept change: to heal and protect the skin while correcting signs of aging1.

What are polynucleotides? How do they work?

Literature is replete with studies demonstrating the efficacy of PN used for wound healing in humans and animal studies. In humans, PN has been used to accelerate healing in diabetic foot ulcers2, autoimmune conditions3, pigmentation4, skin grafts5,6 and even hair loss7!

Some of the benefits of PN on the skin are1:

1) Reversal of signs of aging e.g. fine lines, loss of skin elasticity

2) Smoother skin texture

3) Reduce scars (e.g. acne scars)

4) Shrink pores

5) Improved skin hydration

6) Better skin recovery from injury

These benefits occur via the following mechanisms:

1) Improving microcirculation via process called angiogenesis.8 PN causes increased expression of a growth factor called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) that is important for the growth of blood vessels- the highway for oxygen and nutrients for cells to proliferate and repair themselves.

2) Anti-inflammatory effects on tissues8,9. Inflammation generates free radicals which causes damage to cells. If these damaged cells are unable to repair themselves, the cells will be removed via apoptosis, our body’s natural repair system. Through multiple mechanisms and cytokines, PN has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect and even reduce scar formation

3) Improves skin texture and elasticity- collagen synthesis is enhanced by fibroblast activation8,10. This also results in treatment of fine lines in the skin.

4) Tissue repair and wound healing-PN salvages DNA and RNA fragments from damaged cells to incorporate them into new DNA for normal cell proliferation and recovery8.

5) Protection from UV damage- UV rays from the sun cause damage to our DNA and this accelerates signs of aging. PN has been shown to enhance DNA repair and clearance of toxic by-products of UV-damaged cells8.

So where is this PN/DNA derived from?

Are you intrigued by Rejuran Healer and the benefits of PN? Here’s where it gets interesting- and a little squirmy… but anything goes for the quest of youth right?

The PN/DNA in Rejuran Healer is derived from Salmon germ cells (that’s science speak for Salmon sperm cells). The PN/DNA is then subjected to a very rigorous purification process that removes any antigens or proteins that might cause immune reactions.

Why salmon sperms? Is this safe?

Salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA and as alluded to above, the rigorous purification that the salmon cells are subjected to removes any antigens or proteins that may cause biocompatibility or immune reactions.

In one the earliest studies in 2010 that spawned interest in using DNA and biological molecules for repair and anti-aging benefits, DNA derived from salmon sperm was shown to improve human skin elasticity, hydration and texture from as early as 4 weeks12.

So why not PN/DNA from humans?

To date, there is no available treatment or product that uses human PN/DNA for anti-aging or aesthetic purposes that is equivalent to Rejuran Healer or Skinboosters for ethical reasons. Although PN/DNA and other biological molecules are purportedly used as ingredients in skincare and cosmetics, Rejuran Healer is one of the first of its kind and the horizon for developing newer and better natural and non-synthetic products and treatments is near.

The closest anti-aging and healing treatments that uses biological molecules obtained from your own body/blood are Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) aka the Vampire Facials or Stem Cell injections which make use of your own growth factors and cytokines to repair and rejuvenate skin. Both PRP and Stem cell injections are not approved by the Ministry of Health in Singapore for face treatments.

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Wait a minute…
what then is this PDRN I hear about?

How is it different from PN?

Let’s get down to basics.

The basic building unit of DNA is nucleotides. Polynucleotides are long chains of nucleotides. Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) is a subtype of polynucleotides. Rejuran contains PN and PDRN.

What are the benefits of having Rejuran Healer
injected into the skin1,9?

1) Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
2) Improved skin texture and elasticity
3) Better skin hydration
4) Reduced scars
5) Skin repair and healing

Where can I inject Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran Healer can be injected into the skin of the face and neck for repair and to address signs of aging

How is it performed?

Numbing cream is first applied to the face for 15 minutes, after which the skin is disinfected.

Rejuran Healer is then injected into the skin via an injector gun or the manual technique. In my practice, LED light is then shone over the patient to reduce redness and calm the skin.

How soon can I see results?

As soon as after 1 session, in approximately 4 weeks after the injection is performed. Bear in mind that Rejuran Healer works by repairing and healing skin damage so results are not immediate unlike fillers. For best results, 3 to 4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is advised. Thereafter, maintenance treatment every 6 to 12 months is advised.

Am I suitable for Rejuran Healer?

If you are want to protect your skin against aging and reverse signs of aging at the same time, then Rejuran Healer is your best bet- more so than Skinboosters which mainly hydrate the skin. Think of Rejuran Healer as an aggressive treatment towards anti-aging, to prevent the skin and tissues from the problems of aging like wrinkles, loss of elasticity, poor skin texture…etc.

This is not to say that Rejuan Healer is only suitable for older patients who have signs of aging. In fact, Rejuran Healer is a very good treatment for younger patients who are also looking for an aggressive way to prevent aging to keep skin young and healthy and delay the onset of aging related treatments like Botox for wrinkles.

Is there any downtime or side effects for Rejuran Healer?

The most common would be temporary redness, needlemarks and bumps immediately after the injections. These fade within 1-3 days for most patients.

Can I combine Rejuran Healer with other treatments?

Yes you can combine Rejuran Healer with other anti-aging aesthetic face treatments. Rejuran Healer is essentially a treatment that heals and repairs aged and damaged skin so it can be done in combination with other treatments to enhance their results. A good combination would be combining Rejuran Healer with laser treatments and chemical peels to improve skin pigmentation, glow, texture, pores and elasticity.

Rejuran Healer sounds kinda like Skinboosters…
how are they different?

Although the treatment regimes sound familiar, they are very different.

The main component of Rejuran Healer is PN/PDRN/DNA for repair, healing and anti-aging. For Skinboosters, the main component is Hyaluronic acid for hydration and texture improvement.

Can Rejuran Healer and Skinboosters be combined?

Yes, they can but these treatments would be spaced apart. I.e. both are not performed during the same session.

How much does Rejuran Healer cost?

$800 for 2mls at my clinic, La Clinic.

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